Site of New Niagara Falls Hospital

While construction on a new south Niagara hospital is not expected to start for another three years, work is being done to prepare the Niagara Falls site for development.  Exciting for times for Niagara, DCL and the healthcare providers of the future.  In 2012 Dr. Kevin Smith, supervisor of the Niagara Health System identified the need for a new Niagara Region hospital. In his 51-page report, he called for existing hospitals in Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, and Welland to be shut down. He noted the cost of building a new hosital versus maintaining the old hospitals just made financial sense.  Based on the report and its market research DCL acquired a 4 acres site in the general area it felt the new hospital could be developed. In 2016 the proposed 40-acre site of the new hospital was announced. The new hospital will be 3 km from the DCL Niagara Medical Arts Center.