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Frank Deluca, founder and chief Imagineer of DCL draws on a rich entrepreneurial history dating back almost a century to his family roots in Sicily. He himself is a seasoned entrepreneur with over thirty-five years of business experience ranging from successful media and communications firm to construction and real estate development. Having spent twenty years in the later. He is passionate about sustainable and green initiatives and its impact on the planet. He is an advocate for reducing our carbon footprint. Frank is a member of the Lean Construction Institute, The Forbes Real Estate Council as well as the International Academy for Design and Health based in Austria. He has served as Chair for Green Build Toronto in Ontario, Canada, and has been published on his expertise ranging from sustainability and Green Initiatives to construction project management.

As an advocate for green sustainable real estate development he has worked with BREEAM, one of the world’s leading building sustainability matrix in development of his optimal facility design.
He is a charismatic leader who encourages “possibility thinking”. He has sat on a number of charity boards for over twenty years and is strong advocate for Mental Health.

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