The true cost of building out a new medical clinic in a none medical environment.

Building out a high-quality medical office is far from cheap. Then try adopting some green and sustainable initiatives and well it becomes a daunting task for most practitioners. Why? Cost is foremost.. According to industry data in 2018, the National average cost to build out a medical office space was over $250 per square foot. That is hard money… no account for lost wages for the time invested, not to mention the traditional risks of contract disputes, liens, unrealized expectations, and delays. Then there is the whole agonizing challenge of site selection. It is all enough to make most practitioners just pass on the process or settle for less.   

But can a healthcare provider do that? Do they feel that patients will just come to them, regardless? At DCL we believe that the patient of the future will become the client and the healthcare experience will be a driving factor in their health care decision.  Look at the growing demand for WELL Certification and facilities designed for better mental health.

For the healthcare provider, the challenges will mount. From occupying old out dated buildings with “Sick Building Syndrome” to rising operational cost of healthcare facilities. These put a strain on the already fragile system.

The solution is DCL Healthcare’s delivery model.  A facility designed for high energy efficiency, sustainability, high quality with long life-cycle built environment wrapped into a peer-to-peer Wellness hub and delivered turnkey, fitted out to the practitioners unique needs.  Then give the practitioner pride of ownership and future value upon their retirement.

That is what DCL sees as the future the healthcare facility.