Can anyone invest with DCLHCP?

The short answer is Yes.

So long as you are an Accredited Investor you can participate.

Accredited vs Non Accredited Real Estate Investors

The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) determines the eligibility qualifications of accredited investors. You’re considered an accredited investor if you meet one of the following three criteria:
– An Individual income of $200,000+ or joint income of $300,000+ for the past 2 years
– An individual or joint net worth of $1 million+, excluding the value of a primary residence
– General partner, director, or executive officer for the issuer of non regulated securities. You’re considered a non accredited investor if you don’t meet the financial qualifications of an accredited investor that are listed above.

Once we determine your status we can suggest which projects you are eligible for. Having said that you may find our projects offered through some of the Crowdfunding platforms. Some real estate crowdfunding sites allow non accredited investors to invest while others allow only accredited investors to invest. For a list to some of the better known real estate crowdfunding sites click HERE.

What is the minimum investment for DCLHCP opportunities?

Minimum direct investment for Accredited Investors is $10,000.00. Through Crowdfunding – you will have to check the source for their minimum investment which could be as low as $1000.00.

Are DCLHCP estimated annualized returns guaranteed?

DCLHCP does not guaranteed any returns on your investments and any figures quoted on this site or any DCLHCP documents are only estimates based on reasonable real estate modeling. Our analysts run financial modeling on a per project basis with reasonable expectation of returns.

If I would like to get out of an investment, can I?

DCLHCP investments are private equity investments and no liquid market exists to trade your investment prior to strategic disposition. Therefore trading your investment may only happen within the pool of DCLHCP investors if there is interest, however you should anticipate doing so at a deep discount. Investors are advised beforehand that hold periods are not guaranteed, so it’s possible capital may be held longer than we project.

What is DCLHCP’s investment philosophy?

Our investment approach is driven by sustainability, value add, or opportunistic scenarios. What do we mean by this.. Simply that a deal (project) must have a sustainable cashflow that produces a reasonable return on investment over the projected holding period. The VAO (Value Added Opportunistic) component can come in many forms; i.e additional lands that can be severed and sold or redeveloped – expansion of the existing asset to be absorbed by growing market conditions or repurposing of the underlying real asset.

What are the primary risk factors?

Every investment has its inherited risks. Real estate has its own unique characteristics and while there is no immediate liquidity for it, real estate itself if acquired right traditionally over time can appreciate although there is no guarantee. When deciding to invest in a project your position be that if the investment is lost, your standard of life does not change. While we always try our best to mitigate any potential losses, investing in real estate can fluctuate and be unpredictable.

I’m comfortable with the answers to my questions – How do I begin investing?

Getting started begins by registering into our investor portal. Thereafter you will receive an email with a confirmation of Accredited Investor Status. Then you will be able to review and participate in any of our deals!

Still have more questions?

Feel free to contact us today!