DCL is committed to taking a leadership position in green building design, resource conservation, clean energy technology and sustainable community development. Our experience in building construction  combined with the knowledge of an award winning executive management team will lead the way in showcasing how buildings and communities can support our social and economic needs. Designed to be truly sustainable, our facilities will mitigate the risk of increasing energy costs, drastically improve indoor environmental quality, support “smart” technologies, and stand as a testament to socially responsible leadership. Our investment demonstrates our support for the healthcare sector and our facilities showcase our commitment toward the new low-carbon economy.

Performance Target Highlights:

  • 75% better energy efficiency then the Ontario Building Code.
  • 50% reduction of heating / cooling loads.
  • 40% lower demand on the town water system.
  • 50% demand reduction of grid-tied electricity.
  • Up to R 45 building envelope insulator systems.
  • Renewable energy ready for “net zero” opportunity.
  • Rainwater collection and stormwater management strategies.
  • UV air scrubbing technology.
  • “Smart building” communications and technology management systems.
  • Environmentally responsive controls and high performance window systems.

Savings by Design is a green building initiative brought to you be Enbridge Gas Distribution. Learn more about the integrated design process between DCL Healthcare Properties and Enbridge. 

The DCL projects must stand as a beacon for the local communities they serve. As such, two comprehensive design charrettes were conducted with industry leaders from across the province of Ontario. The design intent was to create a careful balance between aesthetic impact on the community, engineering, and economic opportunity.


Canadian Coalition of Green Healthcare