Why Precast Hollow Core?

When designing our DCL Medical Centre’s we decided to integrate Hollow Core Slabs and the significant benefits both structurally and environmentally… So why Hollow Core? Compared to cast-in-situ, precast uses less cement, less water, less steel, and less labour. • Concrete is durable and requires no toxic preservatives • Energy […]


LEDs Impact on Healthcare

Many people may be wary of taking the jump from the incandescent bulb or CFLs to LEDs due to doubt that LEDs are just the latest “green trend” not to mention their cost. Consumers were told a few years back, CFL bulbs would help the environment, and now it’s the […]





Construction Digital announces DCL Niagara Medical Arts Centre

Construction Digital is an online publication  provides information on developments within green building, architectural design and the latest news from the construction sector. Covering global markets with an eye for emerging industry trends, Construction Digital offers premier analysis and commentary to building executives and professionals around the world. The published announcement […]


The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care

View our associate profile page on “The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care” website. The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is involved in a variety of local and national initiatives, representing Canada’s largest health care associations, organizations and environmental groups including DCL Healthcare Properties Inc., “For over ten years […]




100% LED Partnership with Osram Sylvania

DCL Healthcare Properties Inc., will be the first 100% LED partnership with Osram Sylvania, an innovative company committed to creating healthcare environments that are efficient, flexible and sustainable. Osram has a wide range of environmental preferable lamp types with very little or no lead and  is the only US lighting company producing completely […]