Our DCL Medical Centres will be introduced as the “healthcare hub” for local communities across Ontario. Leveraging DCL’s expertise in property development, the Centres will be built according to a standardized design to maximize resource efficiencies and ensure dramatic energy savings over the life of the buildings. Designed to been occupied exclusively by medical service providers, tenants chosen for each Centre will be influenced by the needs of the community and help reduce the burden on the regional hospital.

Building Design:

  • The core configuration of the DCL Medical Centre will be a four storey, 50,000 sqft structure.Building  Plans
  • The building can also be scaled by adding or removing floors depending on the demographics and needs of the local communities. Advanced materials have been incorporated into the design to vastly improve indoor environmental quality over traditional buildings. “Smart” building technologies have also been integrated to allow localized control of systems by tenants to regulate temperature, lighting, communications, security, and more.
  • The impact of this building on community infrastructure and the surrounding environment was an important consideration for DCL. Through a focused “integrated design process”, project leaders were brought together to review a wide range of conservation strategies including rain water harvesting, geothermal systems, renewable energy, potable water use, indoor air quality and much more.
  • Designed to stand as “legacy projects” for towns across Ontario, our DCL Medical Centres will support the latest in technologies and accommodate the socially conscious healthcare professional looking to serve their growing community.

The DCL projects are leading green building innovations in Canada. We are committed to demonstrating the latest advanced technology systems with support from BASF, Osram Sylvania, Enbridge Gas, BRE Global and many others. Resource efficiences will be maximized to demonstrate to the market place that a highly advanced green building does not cost more than a traditional building.

Integral Group

The leading engineering group of the DCL Niagara Medical Arts Centre is Integral Group an interactive network of design professionals collaborating under a single “deep green engineering umbrella” Gerry A. Faubert, CET,  LEED® AP Managing Partner at Integral Group states “The DCL Green Healthcare Centre development is an opportunity to clearly demonstrate that design, construction and building operations can affordably be achieved”.