DCL Healthcare Properties Inc., will be the first 100% LED partnership with Osram Sylvania, an innovative company committed to creating healthcare environments that are efficient, flexible and sustainable. Osram has a wide range of environmental preferable lamp types with very little or no lead and  is the only US lighting company producing completely lead-free glass for linear fluorescent lamps.

Advanced lighting systems throughout the DCL Niagara Medical Arts Centre will create more comfortable illumination, reduce patient stress and maximize energy conservation. Currently we are exploring cost effective Smart Building technologies that will control LED light usage based on the daylight available, using only as much light that is needed, when it is needed. There are many different popular control devices such as occupancy sensors, multiple lighting circuits and dimming ballasts that we are exploring in addition to the LED lighting and large windows to ensure that there is an abundance of natural light.

As 38% of electrical energy used in commercial buildings is from lighting, we expect that our partnership with Osram Sylvania will have a significant impact on operating costs, workplace and sustainability – we hope to reduce energy usage through LED and Smart technologies by approximately 70%.




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